Karangan Bahasa Inggeris (English Essays) SPM : Argumentative Essays (1)

Karangan Bahasa Inggeris (English Essays) SPM : Argumentative Essays (1)

  1. Do you think homework should be abolished?

I personally believe that homework should not be abolished. Homeworkis a necessary part of school education. Work allocated by schoolteachers forstudents to be done at home is homework. It is meant to help students revise whatthey have studied in school. As time allotted for each subject in school is limited,teachers have to give homework to students to cover the prescribed syllabus.

Therefore, when a student does homework at home, he or she worksindependently. The student thinks for himself or herself and makes decisionsindependently. At school, he or she can always approach his or her teacher if heor she has doubts. Therefore, homework induces self-study in students. In theprocess, students learn to do research. Since research requires a lot of reference,it cultivates the reading habit among students.

Furthermore, through homework, a student cultivates an interest in acertain subject and can concentrate on it for as long as he or she wants, and he orshe need not stop when the bell rings, as in school. The student can also do moreexercises based on the lesson after completing the work assigned for that day.

Also, homework teaches good discipline. A student learns to workwithin a given time limit. Whether the student likes it or not, he or she has tocomplete that piece of work. Hence, the student learns to work within a stipulatedtime frame.

Moreover, homework provides an opportunity for students to acquiremore knowledge. For example, the History syllabus is so wide that not everythingcan be grasped by students during the period of time allocated in school. Studentshave to take some initiative to read on their own. This is one of the objectives ofhomework.

However, several considerations need to be heeded so that theeffectiveness of homework need never be doubted. Homework should be evenlydistributed so that students will not be overburdened on one day and left free onother days. Homework should never stand in the way of relaxation. Mental relief isvital for students. Students should not be bogged down with homework that theyhave little time for physical exercise.4

Taking into consideration the numerous benefits homework has to offer, itis imperative that it should not be abolished.


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