Karangan Bahasa Inggeris (English Essays) SPM : Argumentative Essays (1)

Karangan Bahasa Inggeris (English Essays) SPM : Argumentative Essays (1)

  1. Tourism is good for our country. What do you think?

Tourism consists of activities of people visiting a place on holiday andproviding the services to these people. All countries of the world from the developedto the under-developed, from the first world to the third world have jumped on thebandwagon to earn as many tourist dollars as possible. Tourism is a big moneyspinner, from the safari parks in Africa to the ancient historical sites in China.

However, to some people, tourism is not at all what it looks like. If we delvedeeper, we may be able to understand why they say we do not need to depend onthe tourist dollars. Some people say that we can do without the Western tourists andtheir so-called decadent culture characterised by the sprouting up of pubs, loungesand other centres of entertainment to cater to their taste. They also claim that localconsumers and local people lose out in the long run because the presence of foreigntourists and their money have resulted in rising prices of food and services offered bylocal vendors. Accusation of preferential treatment meted out to big-spending touristsare rife but also justified.

However, if we look at the flip side, tourism is a much needed tonic for theeconomy of any country for several reasons. Firstly, we cannot look at the picture ofa few bikini-clad western tourists soaking in the sun on our beaches or a few drinkersdoing happy hours at a hotel bar and get paranoid. Even without the physicalpresence of these tourists and their lifestyle, we cannot isolate ourselves and liveunder the proverbial coconut shell and banish those scenes from our thoughts andlife. Given this age of satellite television, we have to live and cope with the presenceof this brand or any other brand of foreign culture, the money tourism brings in ismuch needed. Besides, recent developments have shown that we are alsowelcoming tourists from other parts of the world including Arabians, Japanese andChinese. Hence, we need to look at the bigger picture; there are other people fromother parts of the world to woo to our shores.

Secondly, there are limitless prospects for tourism given the natural assetsthat we have as well as the rich cultural heritage of our country. Natural attractionssuch as beaches, sand, exotic islands and wondrous underwater sites and a warmtropical climate are nature-endowed and lasting if we take well-concerted plan todevelop and display but preserve. Our natural rainforests, our forest reserves,Taman Negara and the forests of Borneo and our stupendous caves such as theMulu and our Mount Kinabalu are Nature’s gifts which we should use with tenderloving care. Compared to other sectors such as agriculture and industrialisationwhich are capital intensive, tourism is viable and attractive. We have so much interms of cultural and historical legacy to offer to the tourists after more than 500years of immersion in one cultural wave after another from the Portuguese to theBritish.

We also have a rich historical legacy in what was formerly the British StraitsSettlement, Malacca and Penang. This is attracting tourists’ interest and it comes ata small cost-maintenance and preservation. The multi-ethnicity of Malaysia, with itscultural and culinary diversity is a tourist attraction that comes by default. Hence,given all the potential, we should focus on tourism.

Tourism is also seen as ideal because tourism gives employment to peopleand has spawned a host of related activities from the hawker selling ‘roti canai’ to theticketing clerk to the hotel bell boy. For the majority who may not be brilliant in theacademic sense but who have plenty of people skills and the aptitude and interest towork with people and make people happy, tourism means jobs. Tourism is also alifeline for the small business and traders selling trinkets, bric-a-brac and souvenirs,not to mention the host of cottage-based and handicraft industries such as silverware,batik, songket and pottery.

Therefore, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages and seen from thisperspective, tourism is here to remain for the simple reason that the groundwork isthere. We have what it needs for any type of tourism, be it ecotourism or adventuretourism.


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